Babica Hen

Portland’s nickname is the City of Roses. I think it could also be the City of Unique Breakfast Restaurants.

Babica Hen is the newest place in Lake Grove and my current favorite place for breakfast after church on Sunday.  First time there, I had the shredded smoked pork benedict with black beans, white cheddar, green chili hollandaise served over cornbread. Second time, I had a waffle with maple syrup.

Yesterday was our third time, and the place was slammed! Open little over six weeks, the local newspaper featured Babica Hen just last week. The weather cooperated and customers waited in the outside seating area or inside where the coffee bar was open with pots of “pump your own” coffee and trays of just baked mini peanut butter cookies.  My breakfast choice this time? A three egg scramble with black forest ham, white cheddar cheese, mushrooms and onions. Potatoes, toast with homemade jam and a ramekin of fruit on the side. Yum, yum, yum.