Even Better Leftover

That’s the test.

In an accordion file folder, I stash recipes I want to try. Categorized: breakfast, baking, cookies, desserts, chicken, pasta, braising, meat, fish, salads, soups, sandwiches, pork. Thinnest section is fish. Can’t seem to get my hubby interested in fish. He’ll catch it, but he won’t eat it!

About once a week, I select a recipe from the file. Shop, cook, eat. If it’s good (hubby rates it “make this again”), the recipe gets promoted to a notebook, with my notes and a page protector. I am a messy cook.

Cooking for 2, we usually have leftovers. A few recipes have received our rating of “Even Better Leftover.” Delicious the day they are made, but better frozen for later, thawed and cooked or reheated. Yes . . . really . . . hard to believe, but true.

On my list, Even Better Leftover:

*Lasagna, (slow cooked meat sauce, light on noodles and cheese)

*Tex-Mex Lasagna (Cuisine at Home magazine, October 2012)

*Burgundy Mushrooms, from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, better leftover in mushroom soup

Do you have a Even Better Leftover recipe I should try?