Hat Design??

What makes a beautiful hat? It’s a combination of elements. Perhaps …

Color + Texture + Detail = a unique hat.

Basic black yarn + staggered eyelet stitch + black square button


Bright blue yarn + double ridged rib stitch + pewter button and thin silk yarn added in the brim

Sometimes the detail is in the color.

Cognac heather yarn + double ridged rib stitch + the color tone variations in the “heather” yarn

Sometimes the detail is in the yarn.

Dark gray marl yarn + pillar stitch + the blending of white and dark gray strands in the yarn

And sometimes the detail is in the stitch.

Denim blue yarn + knit 3/purl 1 stitch + the rolled up brim highlights the reverse stitch, a knit 1/purl 3 pattern

hat collage

Endless combinations. Happy knitting.


Not Bread and Butter but . . .

Congrats to one of my favorite shops on Etsy: Portland based Bread and Badger. We love our set of 4 pint glasses sandblasted with the state of Oregon and “I like it here.”


In a December issue of Forbes magazine: Running A Startup From Home: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Click on the link and scroll down for the bit on Bread and Badger.


Even Better Leftover

That’s the test.

In an accordion file folder, I stash recipes I want to try. Categorized: breakfast, baking, cookies, desserts, chicken, pasta, braising, meat, fish, salads, soups, sandwiches, pork. Thinnest section is fish. Can’t seem to get my hubby interested in fish. He’ll catch it, but he won’t eat it!

About once a week, I select a recipe from the file. Shop, cook, eat. If it’s good (hubby rates it “make this again”), the recipe gets promoted to a notebook, with my notes and a page protector. I am a messy cook.

Cooking for 2, we usually have leftovers. A few recipes have received our rating of “Even Better Leftover.” Delicious the day they are made, but better frozen for later, thawed and cooked or reheated. Yes . . . really . . . hard to believe, but true.

On my list, Even Better Leftover:

*Lasagna, (slow cooked meat sauce, light on noodles and cheese)

*Tex-Mex Lasagna (Cuisine at Home magazine, October 2012)

*Burgundy Mushrooms, from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, better leftover in mushroom soup

Do you have a Even Better Leftover recipe I should try?