Today marks the anniversary of my cousin’s death.

My husband and I count the years since a cancer diagnosis.

We feel hope when an estranged family member reaches out.

Each situation upon initial occurance causes suffering. The despair over a tragic death. The immediate rush to fear when we heard the C word. The questions and guilt and self doubt over the causes of a break in relationship.

Looking back, it took a while for me to recognize God’s compassion in my suffering. It’s as though I was in a deep dark well. Hands out feeling around for direction. Eventually I looked up and there it was. The light or voice or Spirit of God comforting me, guiding me. He was there from the beginning, I just didn’t hear Him.

My lesson, I am never alone in suffering. God is always there to hear my call. Let me imitate Him when I see suffering around me. Let me listen and comfort.


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